Properly operating walk-in refrigerators and freezers enable food to be properly stored, operations to run smoothly, and customers to be satisfied. Our trained technicians provide expert diagnosis and repair services no matter what the manufacturer’s model.

Our services include:

• Freon leak detection
• Freon leak repair
• Thermostat replacement
• Check temperature
• Compressor repair / replacement
• Condenser repair / replacement
• Retrofit refrigerant
• Refrigerant leak repair
• Evaporator coil repair
• Evaporator fan repair
• Condenser fan repair
• Evaporator coil replacement
• Nitrogen leak check service
• Pressure control repair/ replacement
• Defrosting frozen coils in coolers & freezers
• Service / repair of defrost heaters
• Service of frozen / plugged drain lines in coolers & freezers

If your East Tennessee area walk-in refrigerator or freezer needs servicing, whether it is emergency repair or routine maintenance, please call us. We can take care of your needs professionally and quickly.


Comfort Control technicians can fix a vast array of walk-in refrigerators and freezers, from the oldest units to those with the most advanced technology. We offer not only top quality service but unparalleled expertise as well. No matter how big or small a job, or how challenging it may be, we will get the job done effectively and efficiently. It is vital to the success of your business that your walk-in refrigerator and freezer work in optimum condition. You can count on fast response and efficient service time in and time out.

And if you do not require emergency refrigerator service or freezer service, you can count on Comfort Control for effective preventative maintenance programs that help you increase the efficiency of your equipment, reducing operating costs and the need for expensive repairs down the road. These programs are offered on a monthly, semi-monthly, quarterly or semi-annually basis.

Comfort Control Repairs we will work harder, we will work longer and we will work to do what ever it takes to maintain the highest level of relationship with our clients. Commercial refrigeration is just one of our many services and we are qualified to repair any and all of your refrigeration needs.

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