The Importance of East Tennessee Indoor Air Quality

We all want our homes to be safe havens for our families, where we can eat, sleep and breathe in comfort, protected from hazards to our health. A part of maintaining a protected environment that’s often overlooked however is the importance of maintaining the air quality in your home to ensure that you and your family are breathing the cleanest air possible. Research has shown that air quality indoors is often much worse that air quality outside. There are a number of reasons why indoor air tends to be so unhealthy. In areas that have hot summers like Morristown, homes are often tightly sealed up against the outside for many months at a time. While heating and air conditioning units recycle air to some extent, they just aren’t strong enough to provide any true measure of air purification. Stale air that hasn’t been filtered is often trapped inside a home for months during the summer, leading to poor air quality and possibly adverse affects on your family’s health.

Air quality in general tends to suffer during the spring and fall, when plants and trees are germinating and releasing pollen into the air. Pollen can easily pass into home air conditioning systems and cause allergic reactions in a home’s occupants. Stale air and air with plant or fungal spores present can lead to several different respiratory issues, from asthma to bronchitis, sinus infections and colds. In addition, when someone in the house is ill for any length of time, viruses and bacteria can easily be trapped inside and circulate in the air system when air quality is poor, increasing the chance that more of the home’s occupants will fall ill as well. Standard filters in HVAC ducts are not sufficient to remove dust, pollen and other tiny particulates which can pass through them with ease. Since advances in home construction and insulation have helped make modern homes nearly airtight, the same stale air is effectively circulated through the house over and over again, with no fresh air getting in to refresh things. Home that aren’t utilizing some type of air purification system are at risk of being filled with harmful levels of dust and bacteria in the re-circulated air.

When you call Comfort Control, we’ll perform a thorough inspection of your home’s ventilation and air intake sources, which are the most common points of contamination for your home’s air supply. We can modify your system’s intakes as necessary to ensure that there is an optimal, safe and consistent air-flow. We can also check the air in your home for possible pollutants. Sometimes appliances like stoves or heating systems can be sources of in-home pollution, so our technicians can find these problem areas and make the necessary adjustments to remove harmful pollutants from your home’s air. If necessary, our fully licensed and insured HVAC technicians can add filtration systems to filter out particulates and microorganisms in your home’s air, drastically increasing the air quality and thus, you and your family’s quality of life.